Apollo Bay – Paradise By The Sea On The Great Ocean Road

Apollo Bay is known by the locals as Paradise by the Sea, and there is a very good reason for this. If you are considering a seaside holiday then Entrümpelung Stuttgart you would be hard pressed to find a better and more convenient location. At the back of Apollo Bay along the old Barham Road there is a very special place which has been called Paradise. It’s a popular spot with both the locals and tourists alike and offers a great walks through magnificent fern forests. This may be while the town has deemed itself to be a paradise by the sea? I’m not sure but it is a deserving title nonetheless.

When I first visited Apollo Bay in the mid seventies baywind residences you could shoot a shotgun in the street and get away with it. It was a very sleepy hollow with just a small local population. Fishermen and surfers seemed to be the only inhabitants in the local pub which could get quite rowdy on occasion. Today there is a much larger resident population and enough cafes and restaurants to please even the fussiest of eaters. If you like your food you must go the local Fisherman’s co-op where you Madeira can buy fresh, local crayfish.

Apollo Bay is situated at the very beginning of the great ocean walk. This newly developed trail begins here and winds its way along a spectacular coastline for around 100 kilometres where it finishes in style at the 12 Apostles. The Bay then – as the locals like to call it – is a convenient location to stay for a few days if you are doing sections of this walk. You can even use a local shuttle service to pick you up in the morning and then pick you up later in the day and drop you back at your accommodation venue. Autoværksted Too easy!

There’s lots of things to do in the Bay. To begin with the actual bay is one of the safest It’s very safe for swimming so you don’t have to constantly jocuri poki worry about the kids. And it also affords opportunity for many other water sports. If you would like to learn to surf then this is the place to go. The waves cali plug carts are quite gentle and perfect for learning to surf. There are a number of surf shops in town where you can even hire surfboards. And you can also get surf lessons. fragrance samples

Of course surfing is not  the only water sport available. There are lots of others but I should make mention of fishing. Beach fishing and fishing from the local harbour afford some business great sport and for bigger fish you might like to take a fishing expedition with one of the fishing tour companies. Happy fried fishing.


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